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Schoolview provides a user-friendly interface for setting up bell schedules, defining groups of classrooms for automated paging, controlling classroom displays from flat panel TVs to projectors, while allowing teachers to control their classrooms from simple to use web clients



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Outside the classroom, CampusSV® software’s modular approach takes advantage of existing school data networks and of advancements in networked audio and video to streamline bell schedules, to bring networked precision to clocks and to deliver audio paging and/or streaming video to the entire school, a single room or anywhere in between.  Although CampusSV® is not a substitute for a school’s video security system, it also provides an additional access point for viewing existing networked video security cameras from a convenient control panel, typically installed in the school’s main office or via any authorized web browser.

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Inside the classroom, the SchoolView solution extends to include monitoring and intuitive control of classroom multimedia devices, such as projectors, audio amplifiers, DVD players, CATV tuners, document cameras and more. And with its optional Video Delivery Control module, CampusSV® also provides management and control of streaming video, sent directly from the school or district media center to the classroom video projector.

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